tabletteI’m Xael, sole proprietor of this website and its contents – unless stated otherwise.

Since I’ve always loved listening to stories and telling some of my own, it was somewhat obvious that I should one day become an artist. My first comic as a comic-artist was published in 2009, after years of working as an illustrator or colourist on many different projects.
After various studies in Humanities, I’m now doing some research in Sociology, with the intent on being a PhD student working on Gender in Arts, thus uniting almost all of my current interests.

To this day, I’m also an Art teacher in a private art school located in Lyon. I often teach digital painting, history of colours and comics, in different places and for various type of students – from middle school to grown ups!

Meanwhile, I’m still working as an illustrator on many projects, comics and exhibitions, that tend to be politically-aware.
Whiterocks Chronicles speaks for itself about those many subjects I’m really into, while giving me the chance to address my readers directly.

If you want to know more about my art in general, please go visit my website or one of my many social networks pages!