What is Whiterocks Chronicles about?
It’s a (very) long comic project which describes a parallel universe between Final Fantasy and the Lord of the Rings. More or less.
I can’t tell you more still, but you’ll see pretty soon.

Update schedule?
Each Wednesday to the least, hopefully more frequently depending on what time and income I’ll have in the upcoming year.

Only half a page / one update per week, why?
Because the author is working on multiple projects with a tight schedule, including some comics she can’t show or tell much about right now (but images will slip on her Tumblr), a Master degree in Gender Studies, giving art classes… While still managing to live a little decently and rest despite a very bad health (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome – yeah, not funny).
Comics are lot of work.

What has Xael previously drawn/published? I want to read more!
Until recently, most of her work has been some illustrations and lots of comics colouring. But you can now order Geeks Out anthology “POWER” (in english), featuring a short story by Xael, “17 MAI” tome 2 anthology (in french), featuring another short story and an illustration, take a look at her website, or wait for her full comics to be published (2016-2017).

Come and join us (the characters and I – the author, XAEL) in this fantastic new adventure, full of magic, wonders and many dangerous creatures…